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Double-knitting is worked with two colors of yarn producing a double thickness, reversible afghan. One color forms the background, the other color forms the design. Each square on the graph equals 1K and 1P stitch, so you will need to cast on twice as many stitches as there are squares in a row on the graph. Each row on the chart equals one row of double knitting. Read the chart from right to left on the right side and from left to right on the wrong side. When working the design, knit the design color and purl the background in the opposite color. Check both sides of your work frequently to make sure you are using the correct colors.

  • Approximately 3-4 oz. Main Color(MC) and 2-3 oz. Contrasting Color(CC)
    of knitting worsted weight yarn.

  • Knitting needles size 8

With MC cast on 50 stitches.

Row1 (right side):
            Attach CC and twist with MC to form firm edge. * With both
            colors at back of work K1 MC; bring both colors to front of work and P1 CC.
            Repeat from * across row, ending P1 CC. Continue to twist strands together
            at beginning of each row to form a firm edge.
Row 2 (wrong side):
            * With both strands at back of work, K1 CC; bring both strands to front of
            work, P1 MC. Repeat * across ending P1 MC.
Row 3 (right side):
            Repeat Row 1 from *.
Row 4 (wrong side):
            Continuing to move both strands of yarn from front to back of work,
            K1 CC, P1 MC (7 times);  K1 MC, P1 CC (4 times); K1 CC, P1 MC (4 times); K1 MC,
            P1 CC (4 times); K1 CC, P1 MC (6 times).

Bind off in MC, knitting the knit stitches and purling the purl stitches.

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